Running in Vosges with Luna Sandals

6 août 2014
par admin


After one year of running in the Vosges mountains and woods (France) with Luna Sandals, the first things I can recall are the jokes of my friends laughing at me, being a running monk, or an always-ahead-of-trends freak, or a minimalist fanatic, or a lost Hobbit, or the Last of the Mohicans… Well, nothing really inspiring in their comments, but funny and quality times with friends however.

The second thing I remind is the air on my feet, the flip-flops on the ground and the feeling of being more a tourist running after his kids than a real trail runner. All of this as a first impression.

After a while, I came to realize that running in sandals was just for me and that what I had read in BORN TO RUN was just true, or let’s say true to me. In my quest, and the quest of many, to live and run as often as possible in the great outdoors, or at least in nice woods next door, this specific gear definitely contributes to connect our contemporary runs to our running ancestors. A nice to live illusion, but genuine in a way.

Some of my laughing friends and some of our running customers are now adhering and are going to buy some pairs… even though it’s going to be a real challenge as France is not supplied by the brand.



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